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Before & nbsp; to start cooperation, we propose to study the user agreement, which includes a list of rights and obligations for each of the parties to the agreement.
Reading this important document warns against conflicts between the client and the Actio-fast-pay.net site.

1. Parties to the agreement
Both parties take part in the agreement: the Actio-fast-pay.net exchange office, hereinafter referred to as the Service, and everyone who wants to work with our site is a Client.

2. Definitions and terms used in the agreement
Service is an automated online organization provided on the basis of this document.
Client & nbsp; - a person who has accepted the requirements of the Site.
Electronic units is a term used to refer to an electronic payment system.
Application - data in electronic form that the client sends to the Site in order to use its services. It includes a resource requirement that the User agrees to accept.

3. Subject of the agreement
With the help of the list of site features, the Client submits an application to perform an exchange action of a specified number of "electronic units".
The service receives and sells "electronic units" to other persons for the remuneration specified in the agreement.
The application displays the cost for the product that the Client is going to purchase in monetary terms.
Money for the transfer of "electronic units" is transferred to the details specified in the Client's application.
When a product is sold in excess of the amount specified by the client according to the price, the remainder will be regarded as a service fee and transferred to the account of the Site.

4. Sequence of actions of the agreement
The conclusion of an agreement with the site Actio-fast-pay.net is made in the form of a public offer.
The Act is drawn up when creating a Client's application, where the user & nbsp; confirms its agreement with all offered terms.
By filling out an application, the client confirms his serious intentions to use the offers of the Service and accepts the terms of cooperation.
After registration and sending of the application, the client's actions are recognized as impeccable, which in turn concentrates his approval on payment for services.
Service automatically fixes the time and date of the application.
The client has a day to accept the offer. The crediting of "electronic units" from the Client to the service data is considered a confirmation of the entry into force of the contract.
The exact amount is shown in the Client's application.
Accounting for procedures performed with "electronic units" is carried out on the basis of the order created by the Service.
After the completion of the agreement process, the activity of the document stops. The agreement can be terminated by either party.

5. Additional requirements

5.1 The termination of the agreement on the part of the Site may be in a situation of not received "electronic units" from the client within the period specified in the agreement. A day is allocated for sending funds. In the event that "electronic units" or a suspension warning have not been credited from the Client during this time, then the agreement will be invalid. If the receipt nevertheless occurred "electronic units" after the expiration of the confirmed period, they are returned to the sender's details. In this case, the commission fee is charged from the sender's money.

5.2 Transfer of "electronic money" to the requisites of the Site must answer the amount specified in the application.
If the amount of money accepted differs from the declared one, then & nbsp; The service regards this as an order from the Client to perform the recalculation. The calculation is performed based on the actual transfer amount. The possible difference between the actual and declared values ​​is 5%. In case of exceeding the deviations in the data, the Service has the opportunity to cancel the agreement unilaterally and return the "electronic funds" to the Client's account. Consignment fees are charged from the recipient's money.

5.3 The client has the opportunity to cancel the contract unilaterally if, after 24 hours after placing an application for his account & nbsp; no cash equivalent of "electronic money" has been received from the site. If the requested money did not reach the Client's account, he can freely cancel the application and request a refund of the sent "electronic funds". If this happened, the Service is obliged to cancel the application and return back the "electronic money" received from the Client. The resource is obliged to complete this procedure within 24 hours after receiving the request to terminate the application. The service is not responsible for delays in dispatch that occurred through no fault of Actio-fast-pay.net.

5.4 In the event that, when creating an application, the Client made a mistake in the details, the Service is not responsible for transferring finances to an unknown account. If various negative situations arise due to errors in the application, the responsibility for losses rests entirely with the Client.

5.5 When creating an application, the Client is obliged to select a settlement system that will carry out the money transfer. The Service should not pay damages if funds were not credited to the Client's account due to the fault of the settlement system. All claims of the Client, Without Exception, must be oriented towards their preferred settlement system.

5.6 The execution of the Client's request may be temporarily interrupted according to the following circumstances: identification of obstacles in the program code related to the Service, or deception with communication flows associated with a specific request from the Client. All recalculations of parameters for funds received from the Client are made in accordance with the current conditions. If the client disagrees with the recalculation, the Service can & nbsp; to unilaterally cancel the service designation agreement. The purchased resources will return to the sender's details.

5.7 By confirming the agreement with the terms of the Service, the Client accepts that the responsibility assigned to the Site is limited to the finances sent by the client & nbsp; to conduct the subject of the contract. The resource does not bear before the Client & nbsp; additional liability and makes no guarantees. In connection with this, the Client also does not bear any additional responsibility to the Site.

5.8 When confirming an agreement with this Resource, the Client undertakes to accept and fulfill & nbsp; rules and procedures generally established by law. The client is liable to the Site for the negative impact on the functions of the program code and falsification of communication flows.

6. Unforeseen & nbsp; circumstances

When unforeseen situations arise, due to which Resource & nbsp; cannot fulfill the current obligations, confirmed in the agreement, the time of their fulfillment is postponed until the elimination of objective violations. Under such conditions, the Site is not responsible for the suspension of its duties.

7. Warranty period
The warranty period for services rendered under this agreement is 24 hours. Counting begins from the stage when the Service fulfills the subject of the agreement.

8. Resolution of claims and discussion issues
In case of claims under this agreement, the Client should send a notification to the Site details in the "Contacts" section, which will contain the essence of the appeal. This site has an address to which it is allowed to submit complaints electronically.

9. Legal status of the agreement
When confirming the agreement, both parties confirm the legal force of an important electronic document, which is identical to the agreement drawn up in writing.