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Information for partners

Actio-fast-pay.netinvites site owners and administrators to connect to our affiliate program. To do this, you need:

Register as a Client on Actio-fast-pay.net

Place an affiliate link on your blog or on your own website.

Invite your friends, family and friends & nbsp; by a personal affiliate link, which is available in your personal account.

After you have shared an affiliate link with your & nbsp; friend, any person who used it went to the site Actio-fast-pay.net  and performed the action with & nbsp; using this service, it is considered a buyer

attracted by you as a partner of our site. With each such procedure made by referred buyers on the site Actio-fast-pay.net , you are entitled to a profit as a percentage of the exchange amount.

The percentage paid to the partner is directly related to the operating transactions of the partner. The more referrals a partner has, the more profit the partner earns. Revenue is earmarked according to the appropriate scheme:

0.7% of the amount exchanged.

Use of email newsletters (common like SPAM) to advertise our service Absolutely forbidden.

In case of receipt of claims from the owners of e-mail about such mailings, the accounts of partners will be terminated with the absolute loss of the money earned.