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Information for partners

Question: How does the affiliate program work?
Answer: When you sign up for our affiliate program, you get a unique affiliate ID, which is added to all your links.

Question: How much will I earn by participating in your affiliate program?

Answer: It depends on many factors, such as:

1. The number of visits to your website or sites where you post information about us.
2. Correspondence of the topic of the site to the target audience, which may be interested in currency exchange services.
3. Correct presentation of information.

Question: If I put my affiliate link in the signature on the forum, will the conversions and all other conditions of the PP?

Answer: Yes, of course they will.

Question: I already have other affiliate programs installed on my site. Can I be your partner?
Answer: Yes, you can. We have no restrictions on working with other affiliate programs.

Question: Is my site eligible for an affiliate program?
Answer: We welcome all kinds of sites.

Question: How are the earnings paid out?
Answer: Affiliate payments are made via Litecoin cryptocurrency.

Question: % of the affiliate program ?
Answer: 50% of the profits of our service.